What is Shen men and how to wear them?

Shen men piercing is an ancient Chinese design technique. Shen men piercings are popular in China, Korea and Japan. They are a symbol of femininity, strength and power. It is a piercing of the ear lobe that was popular in China but also existed in other Asian countries such as India and Japan.

Shen Men sometimes called “Spirit Gate”, is the most common ear point in Auriculotherapy. The fact is located at the top of the ear in the triangular-shaped valley. Shen Men is a standard tool to help relax and ease anxiety, stress, and insomnia. Because of its deep connection to the spirit and mind, it is very efficient. It’s a great place to place ear seeds for any mood disorder, including stress and tension. This was the first point to be emphasized when ear acupuncture was used for detoxification from addictive drugs or for treatment of substance abuse. Shen Men also points out weight loss as an interesting benefit. Increased anxiety and stress levels are often linked to weight gain. This point can be pierced to release stress and tension and accelerate weight loss. Shen Men points can be used to treat skin conditions such as acne, pimples, itching, and breakouts. It has been shown to reduce heat in the body, which is the main cause of skin conditions.

The piercing is usually made by inserting a long thin metal rod with a very small hole into the ear lobe. It is commonly used to enhance the look of the face or protect someone’s health. Shen men piercings are done with different types of jewellery and materials, such as gold, silver, copper, glass and even bamboo.

1) Ear-limbs: The ears are also known as “ear limbs” because they have many tiny bones. Depending on the person’s health, a Shen man piercing may be done in the ear limbs or in the outer portion of them.

2) Outer ear: This is another popular way to do Shen men’s piercings. The outermost limb is pierced with a thin metal rod that has a hole through it. It is most commonly used to protect you from infection because it easily blocks your ears from getting infected (especially when you have an open wound). However, in some cases, the piercing can cause discomfort, especially if it’s too small, goes through your earlobe, or is placed in the wrong location. In some cases, this may be an excellent way to go.

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