Captve X Cimmerian

The Three Legends

We’re in absolute awe over Cimmerian’s level of talent in her first project, The Three Legends.

Pulling inspiration from three old Quebecois tales, she represents each one with stunning female portraits covered in jewels.

We were paired with the legend of La Corriveau.

"She is a widow of 7 husbands that were all killed by her in violent ways. She was executed after the death of her last husband, which was the only one she ever loved and the only accidental death. Her corpse was displayed in a metal cage in her village on a busy road. After the seventh day, her body disappeared. She is seen at night, looking for a new husband." -Cimmerain

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Photographer, artistic direction and styling : Cimmerian Independent models: Clara Cloutier, Ms White Willard and Mathy Paquette Makeup artist: Audrey Lavigne Hair stylist: Anita Sanchez Jewellery: Captve, Brelokz and Femme Mécanique Assistant and behind the scenes photographer: Tom Pm from Atelier Oil and Sugar