Captve is jewellery hand carved into narrative

We use quality materials and design to articulate a concept within each collection and form a realm where jewellery meets sculpture.

Made in Montreal

Captve pulls inspiration from all corners of history. Using the lost wax process, each piece is hewn in wax then cast in sterling silver, bronze or gold.

Made, carved, and told by Jade Boutilier

Captve is conceptually inspired by Michelangelo’s final series, Prigioni (Prisons), which features figures hewn from stone, where both rock and form hold equal share. Though many believe Michelangelo’s work was never finished, Jade draws on this mix of raw form and precision to create conversations around material and intention. Reminiscent of the way in which Michelangelo stripped back marble to reveal figures within, Jade releases the stories she carves from wax to emerge each new collection.

Michelangelo Captive

Making Captve jewellery

Pieces are hand carved and set using the lost wax casting process. The original masters are used to create silicone molds, and details on the duplicates are re-carved so that each one takes a slightly different form. The wax replicas are then cast into their final silver, bronze and gold forms, and the pieces are brought back to our studio for cleanup, oxidation and polishing.