The Captve Redesign

An evolving identity

Over the last couple months we’ve worked hard to revamp our online image and now we’re so excited to finally share!

We’ve updated our logo, added many new features and have included a News section to keep you up to date with our future projects including all upcoming trade shows.

So without further ado, our new logo:

With the redesign of our site we felt the logo needed a little more "class." Taking a more calligraphic approach, the logo now has a higher contrast between thick and thin strokes while encompassing finer and sharper serifs.

Out with the old, (right) in with the new! (left)
Out with the old, (right) in with the new! (left)

We’re also excited to welcome a second trademark logo to Captve. As the brand has taken form it’s become evident that we need to identify our pieces. Appropriately, we chose to use our missing ‘i’.

The silhouette of the ‘i’ within a block completes our first logo while echoing Michelangelo’s Prigioni’s series. In the very near future, all Captve jewellery will be stamped with this trademark.